The moment one enters Yesterday's Blossoms flower shop, the marigold/brick red colored walls invite you into an other world. Antique shoes filled with flowers. Fine objects d'art perched on tasteful Grange furnishings from France, reflecting the owner's sophisticated eye. An exquisite majolica vase filled with seasonal fresh flowers. Owner Leena Lee says; " When I am designing a bouquet, I always think of what I would like myself; something I could gaze at for hours. " Yesterday's Blossoms will not be taking any single-bouguet deliveries for the time being, due to event and contract work.If you would like inquire about an event, your query will be responded within a week. Thanks so much for your patience ! Please visit us on Facebook ! Displayd on Facebook.. !!!

Yesterday's Blossoms Flower Shop
275 Theater Alley, Medford, OR. 97501
cell: 541-890-4940 fax: 541-772-1558
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